Towing and Roadside Assistance Opportunists Ripping Off Motorists Near Minneapolis Via Google Search Ads

Fidelity Roadside Assistance Scam – Watch Out for these guys!

This year we have seen an influx of fake local towing companies popping up from all over the country taking advantage of the season of stranded motorists on Google search ads. They are sometimes at the top of a google page, for example searches queried from someone that locks the keys in their car “Locked keys in car – help!” then go to google to find the nearest company. The stranded motorist then lands on an ad where they call what looks to be a local phone number. Next they are given the hard sell on the phone and end up shelling out 2-3x the money what a local, legitimate company actually charges.

I got several calls this week from a company calling themselves fidelity roadside service, asking for help with service calls where they are the middle man selling a service to a stranded motorist for $160 when me the service provider only charges $60. Then they end up making more than what the actual service provider charges. It’s really sickening to see people falling for this and the local towing / locksmith companies need to be cautious about who they decide to do business with. This company is not licensed or insured to begin with, why use a third party to call around when you can find help directly yourself? Just keep calling local companies till you find a company that can get to you within 1-2 hours.

As a stranded motorist, always make sure you are calling the actual company your getting service from. Most roadside assistance calls will cost $60-$80 with some increases during extreme weather. Towing is usually $80-$120 plus mileage, most companies will increase the prices during bad weather and in more dangerous situations like on a highway. You shouldn’t have to wait long to hear from the driver that is dispatched to your call, many of the out of town scam companies will have you waiting long periods of time because they pretend like they already have a driver assigned when all they do is wait for calls from motorists, charge them as much as possible, then call around to local companies that are actually located here to middle man the transaction.

Towing companies that are located in Minnesota need to ask any “dispatch company” questions that calls. Are they an insurance company or are they charging the customer and running ads to target people in high volume areas like the Midwest. If you dare ask these out of town scammers what they are charging the customer, they will hang up on you. This is exactly what they started doing to us once we realized what they were doing.

As always if you need roadside assistance near Minneapolis MNROADSIDE.COM is here 24/7 to take your call. (952) 228-3105

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