Auto Insurance ERS Reimbursement Towing and Roadside Claims

If you are a stranded motorist counting on a fast towing or roadside assistance service to save the day you might want to read this first.

Many insurance companies like Allstate, State Farm, Geico, California Casualty, Progressive and more offer emergency roadside assistance to their customers for a small fee, usually building the cost into your existing policy. Many people end up waiting on hold with their insurance company to take them up on the insurance benefits they pay into every month when they get stuck with a smoking engine or blown tire.

The insurance company uses management companies that contract with towing companies (service providers) and the management firm; for example “Agero” takes over the call and processes the claim – dispatching a local service provider to take care of the stranded vehicle. Most of the time this is cost effective and is sufficient for both the insurance company and stranded motorists. What you don’t expect as a stranded motorist is to sit and wait longer than expected or to sit and wait only to find out that you have been canceled on due to shotty service providers that are unorganized and unable to render services.

In Minnesota and most of the Midwest we see a common problem plaguing the roadways, contracted service providers unable to fulfill their customers needs. This is in part insurance companies cutting costs and contracting the lowest cost providers instead of the higher quality companies that stick to eta times and federally mandated background checks on all drivers. Let’s not forget that the weather plays a big role, snow and ice on the road, negative temperatures, these providers get slammed for only a few months out of the year and then have to fight over contracts during the summer.

If you are stuck on the road and are starting to doubt your insurance companies roadside assistance service you have another option. Call around on google and find anyone willing to come out quickly and provide a receipt for services. With a receipt that shows your name and vin number you can then make a claim for reimbursement through a claim agent and possibly right on the insurance companies website. We sorted through several companies policies and procedures regarding claim reimbursement; – With Geico the process is simple and can be submitted online. – Allstate seems to be a little more tricky, we suggest logging into your account under claims and contacting an agent regarding reimbursement. – Listed under Accident Tow or Emergency Road Service then the claims adjuster or team can review for payment of the tow or roadside bill. – File a claim online or speak with a claims agent on the phone.

An agent isn’t responsible for reimbursing you for the tow or roadside assistance service. A claims handler can certainly review it and will reimburse your claim up to your covered rates.