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    Our local company only sends out vetted drivers with thorough background checks being completed annually with our trusted partner Turning.io

Don’t Know Where You Are?

Don’t worry this happens to many of us, under stress in an emergency, you just need to try to stay calm and be cautious.

  1. Never pull to the left side of the road, sometimes this is not possible but always avoid the left side of the highway.
  2. Use your hazard lights and call the police immediately if your in a dangerous place – don’t hesitate, if you just slid off the road in a roundabout chances are someone else will too!
  3. NEVER stay in your car if it is stalled in a lane on the highway (ESPECIALLY WITH ICE ON THE ROAD) if you can help it. Move away without crossing traffic to the left or right median on foot away from the vehicle and keep moving further until help arrives. 
  4. Never try to make a fast exit after your vehicle has been repaired. Safely merge back into the closest lane and stay there for at least a mile.
  5. Many times when people have adrenaline pumping, common sense goes right out the window so stay calm, stay safe, and try to make good decisions or at least call 911 for advice.

We provide the fastest towing service in downtown Minneapolis. Get reimbursed later, dont wait for hours because your insurance company wants to be cheap! We will tow your vehicle right now and help you in all your roadside emergencies.

No matter what company you have insurance with reimbursement is a simple process. You can use the receipt sent to you by text at the time of service and submit it online or by email with your insurance agent. 

Motor Clubs That Use Our Service Regularly:

Agero, Progressive, T-Mobile, Honk For Help, Quest, Road America, Urgent.ly, Nation Safe Drivers, Swoop, Allstate, and More.


You can call us now and get expedited towing service and let your insurance company deal with it later! Don’t worry, any service you pay for will be reimbursed by your insurance companies claims agent. Our receipt shows the service, date, time, and vin of your vehicle. Your insurance company can call or email support to confirm the amount of reimbursement after you get your vehicle towed or receive roadside assistance.

After service you will receive a reimbursement receipt via text or email. The receipt shows the service, date, time, and vin of your vehicle to send to your insurance company. If you are covered for towing and roadside assistance they will give you 100% of the money back (applied to your insurance bill as a credit or direct deposited) 

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