Know the Dangers of Speeding

While you may feel that you’re a safe driver and you won’t run into consequences by speeding if you’re running late, you might want to think twice about breaking the law so that you don’t miss an appointment or arrive late to work. After all, the leading factor in fatal car crashes in Minnesota is illegal or unsafe speeding. Since many normal, everyday people continue to speed and break the law while remaining blind to the possible consequences, Minnesota’s law enforcement has been working hard to teach the public about the real dangers of speeding and car crashes. In fact, throughout July, law enforcement across Minnesota will be participating in extra speed patrols, trying to regulate the public’s propensity of breaking that law.

Speeding Statistics Show Frightening Facts

If you are the type of person that likes to see evidence to better understand the real dangers of speeding, there are plenty of facts in existence that demonstrate how speeding creates fatal crashes. For instance, in Minnesota in 2017, 88 people died in crashes that involved speeding. Many of the individuals who passed because they were involved in speeding-related crashes died over the 100 deadliest days in 2017, which runs from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day weekend. During that time period, 23 people died due to speeding-related crashes. Not only did speeding create several fatalities in Minnesota throughout 2017 where more than one driver was involved in the crash, speeding was also a leading factor in 22% of crashes involving only one vehicle.

The Faster You Go, The More You Risk

Speeding creates several issues that put drivers that enjoy taking that risk at a higher degree of danger. Not only do people that speed endanger themselves and any other passengers in the car, potentially including friends, loved ones, and even children, but they also put others driving in the vicinity around them at an increased risk. If you are speeding, you have a larger potential for losing control of your car. You’ll also incur an increased stopping distance the faster you drive, making it take longer for you and your vehicle to respond to trouble ahead. So as you speed, you experience less time to respond to problems ahead of you, and that means less time for crash avoidance. Plus, the faster you go, the more likely you are to increase the severity of a crash, which creates a greater likelihood for severe injuries and death.

What To Do When Others Around You Are Speeding

If you aren’t the type that speeds often, but feels intimidated by others speeding around you, there are steps you can take to avoid those drivers, and also report them to keep the roads safer. Make sure you get out of the speeding driver’s way as an attempt to disengage from the action. Stay calm and keep focusing on reaching your destination rather than allowing yourself to be distracted by the speeding driver. Don’t make any attempts to challenge the speeding driver; avoid eye contact and gestures. You can report aggressive, speeding drivers by pulling over and finding a safe place to call 911. After you call 911, be ready to tell law enforcement about the location, vehicle description, and license plate.

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