Motorcycle Safety Awareness

If you are an experienced motorcyclist, you might think you don’t need additional motorcycle training. However, even if you are confident in your cyclist skills, it’s important to revisit education at times, because if you are honest with yourself, there is probably room for improvement. In fact, you might even be shocked at times and learn something else you never knew or never bothered to consider.

Summer Tips on Avoiding Crashes

So, whether you are new to the motorcycle world, or you’re an experienced bike rider, it’s probably time to visit some motorcycle training classes. Summer is upon us, which is the most popular season for motorcyclists to hit the roads. However, summer is also the season when the most motorcyclist deaths happen, so why not refresh some of your safety skills if you’re experienced, or learn the ways of the road on a motorcycle if you’re new to riding a bike?

Minnesota Motorcycle Safety Center’s Motorcycle Classes

If you’re an experienced bike rider or a newbie, you may not know that the Minnesota Motorcycle Safety Center (MMSC) offers a training course to help you prepare yourself for some safety rules as well as how to better avoid crashes. With this course, you should feel much more confident about remaining safe while driving on the road. Remember, everybody can benefit from this type of training, even those who feel they are strongly experienced.

Where Can I Find MMSC’s Classes?

The course offered by MMSC is offered at 25 of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities across Minnesota. Also, what makes these courses so beneficial to everybody is that MMSC offers different experience levels with the classes. The experience levels offered are intermediate, advanced, and expert. So you’ll be able to match your class level to your experience. For example, if you got a new bike this year, then taking the intermediate course might be a great idea so that you can get used to your motorcycle, and refresh some of your knowledge at the same time.

Yearly Training Classes

Plus, these training courses are offered every year by MMSC, so if you want to take one each year as you build your skills, or even two or three to keep your knowledge fresh, then you are allowed to. If you really think about it, training can offer you a major advantage when you are trying to avoid crashes. Basically, you can never go wrong if you are trying to increase your knowledge level about motorcycle safety.

How Do I Get More Information About MMSC’s Classes?

If you’re looking to get more information about MMSC’s classes, you can visit their website here. On that website, you’ll be able to find out about all of the training class choices and their requirements for each of their listed levels. They also have a nice reference guide that covers each one of their motorcycle training classes, found in their 2019 Rider Training Course Brochure. MMSC also has some interesting videos you can watch about different ways to maneuver your motorcycle that are designed to help you prevent crashes so that you have all the safety assistance you need to perform well on your bike.

How Popular Are MMSC’s Training Courses?

If you attend one of MMSC’s training courses, you won’t be alone. In April and May, about 1,500 Minnesota residents took these classes. With a few months still left for these classes, you still have time to sign up. Many of these courses are offered through September.

If you want to sign up and participate, you can register online today.

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