Parental Planning Guide for Your Teen’s Driving Test

It can be a scary time for most parents when their teenager is approaching his or her driving test. For most parents, making this transition with their teenager can create excruciating worry because this right of passage seems to occur far too soon. After all, it wasn’t that long ago when you were teaching your child how to ride a bike, and now your teenager has graduated into learning how to drive a car.

Most likely, you want your teenager to complete a driving test prior to the start of school, or even better, when there isn’t snow and ice on the ground. However, know that you aren’t alone participating in this tradition. Since the start of this year in Minnesota, 494 individuals have taken a class D driving test each weekday. So, you aren’t the only parent out there experiencing the pangs of this right of passage. However, since class D driving exams in Minnesota have been so popular lately, you’ll want to make sure you book for your teenager early.

How to Book Your Teen’s Driving Test

You have two options when it comes to booking your teenager’s driving test. You can make your teenager’s appointment online using the DVS website two months in advance, which you can complete by going here. However, if that isn’t enough time for your teen, you can book your teen’s appointment even farther ahead with a phone call by up to six months in advance. The DVS phone number you need to call is 651-284-1234. However, making your teen’s appointment can depend on what DVS has available. You do need to prepare, though, because a vast majority of exam stations are fully booked a week or two in advance. A smaller percentage of exam stations are fully booked through the month.

However, if you are trying to speed up the appointment process for your teen and feel your teen is ready for the exam, you still have some hope. If you’re trying to quickly make an appointment, you can still get one quickly if you can be flexible with the driving test’s location. That will allow you a greater chance of getting a well-timed appointment. Some of the smaller exam stations in Minnesota offer more time slots than the larger stations. However, these smaller exam stations also only offer driving tests about one or two days during the week.

The Popularity of Driving Tests Over the Summer

In Minnesota, the beautiful summer weather makes driving tests popular because they are easier to complete when the snow and ice aren’t covering the area. In fact, because the exam stations in Minnesota tend to be so busy, some of them offer longer hours during the summer season. If you need a complete list of the exam stations in Minnesota so you can figure out how and where to book your appointment, you can go here. If you visit the list of exam stations, note that you can get more information about each exam station by tapping on the “See Location Details” area. Also, if you want to schedule your teen’s driving test online, you’ll also be able to do it after selecting “See Location Details.”

What If I Still Can’t Book an Appropriate Time?

If you still can’t book an appropriate time for your teen’s driving test, you may still be in luck. Continue to check the website out for openings daily. Appointment times can become available again because some people cancel their driving tests, and the staff available to handle the driving tests can also vary. Regardless, appointment slots book quickly during the summer, so plan ahead. Also, if you wind up with a schedule change after booking your appointment and you need to withdraw from your slot, make sure to either cancel your appointment online or call DVS at 651-284-1234. It’s important to be considerate when it comes to booking a summer driving test for your teenager because there is a large demand for them. Make sure you do cancel your scheduled time so that somebody who needs that time slot can still make that appointment. After you’ve made your appointment, make sure to check this list of everything your teenager will need to study in order to pass both the knowledge test and the road test.

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