Police in Anoka Justified in Shooting from Early 2019 Incident

With all the details of the April shooting in Anoka County released it looks like a man suffering from depression and drug addiction sadly lost his life when police had to protect themselves. Anoka County deputys shot a man after he ran from police during a traffic stop and fired his gun in April, 2019. Bureau of Criminal Apprehension investigated this incident and have deemed the officers justified.

Toxicology results:

meth, fentanyl, marijuana

Report from police, courtesy of hometownsource.com –

Coon Rapids police officer Geoff Neumann stopped a vehicle for a traffic violation on Foley Boulevard near 98th Lane Northwest, and Fairbanks was a passenger in the vehicle. Hattstrom arrived to assist Neumann. As the two approached the vehicle to issue a verbal warning, they observed a hypodermic needle on the floor behind the passenger seat and directed Fairbanks to get out of the vehicle, according to investigators. Upon exiting the vehicle, Fairbanks didn’t follow instructions to stop putting his hands in his pockets, so officers attempted to grab his hands, and Fairbanks fled the scene on foot, authorities say. Officers observed a firearm in his hand as he fled and began pursuing on foot. During the chase, Fairbanks fired multiple shots at the officers, and Hattstrom returned fire, investigators say. It’s unclear whether Fairbanks was injured in the initial exchange, but neither officer was struck by gunfire. The officers took cover and awaited backup. Backup arrived quickly, and officers established a perimeter around the neighborhood where Fairbanks was last seen. Blaine officers Reg Larson and his K-9 partner Rex arrived to help track Fairbanks, and Rex led the tracking team to the backyard of a nearby residence in the 300 block of 98th Lane Northwest with a tall wooden privacy fence surrounding the yard. Rex was released into the yard, and when officers followed, they found Fairbanks on the ground with Rex pulling on his leg, investigators say. Fairbanks picked up a gun with his right hand and held it behind his back, and officers repeatedly commanded him to drop the weapon and show his hands, according to the investigation. When Fairbanks failed to comply, Vitek fired three shots, striking Fairbanks in the head, chest and possibly the right arm, investigators say. He was pronounced dead at the scene, and the Midwest Medical Examiner determined the cause of death was three gunshot wounds. It was uncertain which officer fired the shot that injured Fairbanks’ arm.”


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