Preventing the Pothole Problem in Minneapolis

For those living in Minneapolis, it’s been difficult not to notice the increasing amount of potholes found throughout the city. You may have even popped a tire or two from the impact of hitting a deep pothole. While the city has sent out crews to try and fix the problem several times, the potholes never seem to reduce in quantity, mostly because the problem is coming from the city’s climate.

What’s Creating the Pothole Problem?

The rising and falling temperature fluctuations causing the ground to freeze and thaw so often lately in the city has made the pothole problem difficult to control. Unfortunately, the city can do no more than try to maintain its roads until the temperatures rise more consistently. When the weather warms up, the pothole problem will be easier to maintain.

As snow melts, water gets trapped in the pavement surface. When temperatures fall again, that water freezes again and expands. That expansion forces a movement process that most patches can’t prevent. However, when the temperatures stay warm, the hot mix can sit and become a more permanent fixture. Currently, Minneapolis has crews on two shifts working on the pothole problem throughout the city.

Is the City Liable for Damages?

Many people wonder if Minneapolis is liable for any damage they may incur from a pothole. In fact, the answer for those in Minneapolis is yes, because the Minnesota Department of Transportation will reimburse drivers if the department knew about a pothole and could have fixed it, but had not fixed it yet. In Minneapolis, the city may be required to pay under certain circumstances.

To file a claim for damaged incurred on state roads, click here.  To file a claim in Minneapolis, click here

What About Wheels for Damage Prevention?

You can help yourself avoid pothole damage to your car if you downsize your wheels and get tires with larger sidewalls. By purchasing a wheel that is one inch smaller than what you already have, you get a lot more flexible rubber that helps absorb pothole impact. You’ll be able to avoid wheel damage because wheels often fail when hitting the bottom of a pothole with less cushioning. Also, a thicker sidewall won’t flatten so easily so this helps prevent damage to the tire by creating more cushioning on the wheel.

How to Report Potholes

If you’re interested in reporting potholes to try and help solve the problem, who you need to contact to file a report can vary. If you’re a resident of Minneapolis, then you know that the city’s public works department helps fix potholes. However, Hennepin County crews also work on some of the country roads in Minneapolis. Also, the MnDOT is responsible for potholes on interstates and other state highways.

If you want to report a pothole and you aren’t sure who is responsible for the pothole, then you can call 311 to report any potholes in the city. The city’s operators can then take the report to the right agency. Here are the city, county, and state website links for reporting potholes:

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