Roadside Assistance in Downtown Minneapolis

Please call 952-228-3105 to get an accurate eta and request service.. Get help now in an emergency, the prices for roadside assistance are set at $70 with an additional fuel charge for gas delivery. As long as you are within a 15 mile radius of Downtown Minneapolis there are no additional charges.  Towing rates are set at $120 plus $4 per loaded mile.

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Towing and winch outs cost $120 – loaded miles means from the pickup to where we drop off the car @ $4 per mile. If your in a dangerous area – get your car over as far as you can and if you have to get far away from the road. Never pull off to the middle or left side of the highway. Some requests may have an increased cost due to the time, we may need to call police for help getting vehicles over to the side. This includes non towing calls like tire changes, fuel deliveries, and winch outs. So always try your best to get the vehicle all the way to the right and out of harms way.

Service Area – 15 Mile Radius From Downtown Minneapolis 

MN Roadside Assistance is not insured for mechanical repairs so we can’t do anything further than emergency roadside assistance. Jump starts, lock outs, tire changes, fuel deliveries and towing. Unfortunately we are not able to repair any tires or put any tire on a rim. 

We don’t have tires in stock and have no quick way to bring tires to a disabled vehicle. Your vehicle will need to be towed to a tire shop so please use google to find the best shop with your tires in stock and we will come out and tow your vehicle to them. 

MN Roadside Assistance LLC does not do any impounding itself. We do from time to time contract with other companies for snow removal, street sweeping, and private property towing. If your vehicle was towed from a private lot contact the owner of that property, otherwise if it was parked on a street call the police and check with them. 

Our technicians are not allowed to give rides to customers due to Covid 19 “Coronavirus” & insurance policies, although while your vehicle is being towed you have the option of riding along to the vehicles destination.

We offer scheduled assistance. In order to schedule roadside assistance or towing during a specific time frame you must call 24 hours in advance and pay an additional fee of $25

Solutions For Companies
Minnesota Roadside Assistance

We provide roadside assistance for large companies too, if you need a provider solution in Minnesota we can find a way to meet your needs. Seasonally or all year round we can place drivers in the areas you need us most.