Sell a Junk Scrap Vehicle Near Minneapolis

Where can I sell a junk car? Stolen recovery, burned, or wrecked car near Minneapolis, MN?

If the junk car your trying to sell is unable to run and you have no easy way to tow it your best bet is finding a junk car buyer like MN Roadside Assistance LLC. Typically towing companies like MNROADSIDE.COM will strip the valuable parts then take the remains to a recycler in the hopes there will be some profit made by removing parts and reselling them. Most vehicles have a main catalytic converter that is found between the muffler and engine of the vehicle. This should be taken off, unbolted or cut off with a saw. Additionally check the engine, there are 1 or 2 pre cats found on the sides. Normally you can unbolt the top side of the pre cat under or over the top of the engine, and these pre cats can be sold for $50 – $150 each. Ignition lock cylinders, headlights, tail lights, airbags, emblems, engine covers and other accessories worth shipping and selling online.

There are many metal recyclers in the Minneapolis metro, Northern Metals is probably the largest. They will accept your vehicle with proof of ownership – a title and if their are any liens you must have the official lien card. Towing companies must have the title of the vehicle as well, and the lien card if necessary.

You can check the national averages online for price per ton on vehicles and average foreign or domestic pre & main catalytic converter value.

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