Jumpstart $69

Dead Battery Jump Start & Testing

Lockout - Unlock Vehicle $69

Unlock Your Vehicle

Flat Tire Change $69

Swap Out Flat Tire With Your Spare

Fluid Delivery - Oil & Gas $69

(3 Gallons Included) *Diesel Available 15 Gallon Can Call For Current Cost

Towing in Minneapolis & The North Metro Area

Towing and Winching starts at $80 on all roadways except for dangerous roadways or highways in winter.

Both services can be more on the highway in winter. Loaded miles while towing are $4 per mile. If your vehicle is stranded out of our service area then there is en route mileage costs at $2 per mile after the first 15 miles.

Got a flat tire and need help with swapping the spare?

24 hour tire roadside assistance. Whether you’ve got a flat, a tire that’s blown out, a hole or tear in the sidewall, or any other roadside assistance emergency requiring a tire change, we will change your tire and get you back on the road quickly.

Your car battery is dead and you need a jumpstart asap.

Nobody is around for miles and even if they were, the idea of asking a stranger for help is scary and gives you anxiety. We know the feeling we have all been there,  Don’t worry MN ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE LLC has the Emergency Help you’re looking for. Just call or use our LOCATION FINDER and within minutes you will receive a call or text and a tech will be out the door and on the road. Help will arrive, for the lowest rates in Minnesota. 

Locked out, and you know the keys are in the car?

Maybe you’re locked out of the car stuck outside and in a hurry. We know how annoying it is and are here to help. When car lockouts happen, just call for low cost flat rates and fast service. You will be back on the road in no time

Ran out of gas on the highway?

It’s always best to get your vehicle into the safest spot possible so that your out of danger while waiting for help to arrive. If you are not feeling safe or are to close to the road call 911 and get off the highway immediately. It is not risking your life to put gas in your car so please use common sense if you have run out of gas. Coolant and oil delivery are also available.