Why Choose MNROADSIDE For Your Jump Start?
We are located in Downtown Minneapolis and service within a 15 mile radius, when you call we will give you an accurate ETA and we are very competitive with our rates.

Dead Battery Jumpstart Info & Quick Help Guide – 

If you need immediate help in the Minneapolis area call (952) 228-3105 MN Roadside Assistance Technicians carry a portable NOCO GB150 battery booster as well as jumper cables and a voltage tester just in case you are in a medium duty vehicle. Diesel truck’s sometimes need both a booster pack and jumper cables to get started, especially in winter when its freezing cold and your truck wont start. If your alternator is bad a booster pack can be used to move your vehicle a few miles but most of the time you will need to be towed to a garage and get the alternator replaced. 

How to tell if your battery isn’t the problem? 

If your car stops while its moving, then 99% of the time there is a more serious problem – the majority of the time a bad fuel pump or alternator. If the car is dead and you have no lights on (and the car stopped while your driving*) then its most likely the alternator in that case. In other cases, where the car wont start after sitting at home or in a parking spot it is likely a dead battery but can be as simple as a bad connection, using an 8mm or 10mm wrench / socket you can take the battery terminals off and check to see if corrosion or a loose cable is the culprit. Without taking any cables off you can clearly see corrosion built up around the terminals, if so you can try to use a tool to scrape them clean, like a scrub pad. After cleaning the terminals put the cables back on the battery and see if the car will start. If you have tried everything the next step will be testing the voltage of the battery. 12v should give your car enough juice to start, but without a professional tester it can be hard to tell with varying voltage readings. Call us for a professional to come out and we will jumpstart the dead battery or setup a tow for the problem to be fixed. 
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Service Area Notice

Service Area: 15 Mile Radius – Any Additional Mileage Costs $2 x Miles Outside Our Service Area. We will travel up to 50 miles.