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Unlock my car when the keys are inside with antenna & credit cards


Guide to rigging common items to open your car door.

If your lucky enough to be at home or near a business you might be able to find some tools that will make breaking into your car a lot easier.

Flat head screw driver – pry bar

Metal clothing hanger – reach tool

Credit card, rewards card, plastic – leverage cushions

Take a look around, is there anything that can be used as a tool?

If your in nature find a thin long branch or maybe wrap some tape around a stick to reinforce it, be creative use plastic, any metal sticks or yard markers. Does your vehicle have an antenna? Unscrew the antenna for the fastest reach tool alternative. If all else fails tie your shoe strings together and utillize the well known string method:

Unlock car with string – Youtube

Once you have the antenna off your vehicle or your metal hanger prep it for use. The antenna might be good as it is already straight, long, and sturdy. Your hanger needs the full length unbent and you can put a slight L shaped bend at the end of it to make it easier to use.

On all vehicles you have 3 main options

Door Handle

Using a reach tool on the door handle to unlock a vehicle

Unlock button

Using a reach tool and unlock button to unlock vehicle door

Pull knob

Pulling the lock mechanism with a reach tool

The easiest one is always the unlock button, if you have access.

First you will need to wedge the door open slightly to fit your reach tool inside the vehicle. This is where the credit cards come in:

Using credit cards to wedge the vehicle door open

Now take the pry bar tool you have available, you can use a variety of items, I’m using BBQ tongs, but maybe you have a screwdriver, or a sprinkler head.

Now that I jammed the BBQ tongs in there I should be able to fit the antenna through the crack between the door…

Unscrewing the antenna off a vehicle by hand

Using the antenna to hit the unlock button
Vehicle antenna just barely long enough to hit the unlock button

Now if that fails you will need to try and replicate the green reach tool design as shown in the photos to either put enough force against the door handle to pull it out or use something like tape around the end to pull up the lock mechanism.

I do not recommend using this method unless you are in the worst case scenario like your life being in danger or have no other options.

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