UPTIS has no air, the fancy wheel eliminates risk of blow outs and maximizes hot air blowing out of GM – Michelin

Michelin and General Motors have teamed up in the automotive industry’s latest arms race. Engineering a new generation of spare less, self driving, autonomous, AI, airless, superior tires specifically for passenger vehicles. Well not really but they have created a cool video circling the web and bunch of fancy looking tires with it’s own abbreviation – UPTIS Prototype (“Unique Puncture Proof Tire System”) “these wheels could be available as early as 2024..”- Michelin and GM are testing the UPTIS prototype on cars like the Chevrolet Bolt EV, but by the end of year, both companies will be buying back stock in anticipation for the next abbreviated super tech. Testing “real-world cars” by equipping a fleet of Bolt EVs, a vehicle with half the weight of the average car on the road.

Uptis appearing on the new Bolt EV

While the idea has extraordinary environmental impact, savings, and overall efficiency of today’s tires, it is still being tested and has many hurdles to be anywhere near full production.The tire looks like the wheels on a janitors cart, the idea is not new and has been used in many applications, like tractors and fork lifts. I don’t disagree that its possible to put these on vehicles, the consumer just won’t trade comfort & sound in for less landfills and lower costs for transportation businesses. That is to say if it gets past production in lighter vehicles due to safety, cost and the materials capability. The tires largest problem in my opinion is going to be due to snow, mud, water, and debris. It’s design of open fins will need a permanent solution in order to be a safe and reliable alternative to the modern tires engineered for all seasons.”UPTIS demonstrates that Michelin’s vision for a sustainable mobility future is clearly a viable dream. Thanks to the work done with strategic partners like GM, who share our ambitions to transform mobility, we can touch the future already today. UPTIS presents cutting-edge improvements in architecture and materials;”-Florent Menegaux, CEO of Michelin

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